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24 Hour Physician Consulting Services

Years of experience have convinced us that one of the best ways to assure great patient care for injured workers is to get involved early.  Too often patients go to the ER and then are referred to whichever physician is on call that day.  And typically patients are put off work until the local clinic physician, which could take several days or more, sees them.  In addition, neither the ER physician nor the clinic physician tasked with seeing the patient in follow-up has any idea what your business consists of, what the environment and physical demands on the patient are, or whether you can accommodate light duty if needed.  The default position ends up being “Off work until seen by “Dr. Clinic.”


  Most companies find that the 24 Hour On-call program offers a true win-win.  The injured employee who has just been seen in the ER appreciates knowing that through your Occupational Medical Physician that he/she will have speedy follow-up and ready access to a healthcare provider who will know what he/she does in their job and how to best treat any injury arising from that.  And the company can rest assured that their injured employee is getting state of the art care with a view to resolving the injury as quickly as possible, a Occupational Physician Consultant that understands the issues of OSHA recordability / loss time with the goal of getting the injured worker back to their normal activities as soon as it is appropriate.

If you feel that having us available for 24-hour on-call services would assist your company in the management of cases, please contact us.