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On Site Staffing and Services

Employers are hit with expenses associated with treatment, loss of productivity, and additional labor costs when they have to send an injured worker off site for medical care.

An on-site Occupational Health Clinic
will cut these costs because it's designed specifically to get employees back on the job efficiently and expeditiously. When employees are injured or become ill while working, they go to the clinic for an evaluation. They usually can be treated right away because they aren't competing with walk-in clinics or hospital emergency room cases.

Midwest Occupational Medicine has the experience and expertise to assist companies with internalizing the management of injuries, performing OSHA compliance testing, drug screening and other clinic based services on-site. This program can be tailored to your specific needs whether you require a 24-7 facility or a few days per week.

Midwest has several levels of on-site staffing. 

 On-site Services.   Our staff comes directly to your facility to perform random drug testing, respirator clearance, fit tests, physicals, and other labs tests when needed.  This saves you time and money.

Permanent on-site staffing.   We can staff and fully operate a medical department at your facility.  This can be for one shift per day coverage to   24 /7 coverage.